Annual Celebrations

The Catholic Church annually gives numerous opportunities to celebration vocations. Three of these annual events include: National Vocation Awareness Week (NVAW), World Day for Consecrated Life (WDCL), and World Day of Prayer for Vocations (WDP).

NCCV annually publishes user-friendly planning kits to help parishes, schools, dioceses, and religious congregations celebrate these events. The kits are developed to coincide with the Liturgical Calendar and Cycles. Search National Vocation Awareness Week, World Day of Prayer for Vocations, and World Day for Consecrated Life for complete descriptions and ordering information.

Purchase of any of the Annual Celebration Kits includes duplication rights for a single parish or school only. The Kits may not be duplicated for quantity distribtion by a diocese, religious congregation, or other organizations without the purchase of a bulk distribution permit from NCCV. Contact NCCV at 773.955.5453 for a permit number. All Annual Celebration Kits are copyrighted by NCCV. Permit numbers are valid for one year only.

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